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Bass Genealogy & History

Bass is a descriptive English surname, derived from the Old French "basse" meaning "thickset", derived from the Latin "bassus", meaning "wide". Thus it was used to describe someone short and stout, although some suggest that with the ironic Middle Ages sense of humor, it could also be someone tall and thin! It is not likely an occupation name (bass-seller) derived from Old English "baes". The Bass family history dates back to the 13th-century family seat (feudal manor) in Haddingtonshire, and the coat of arms is a black shield with a silver border. American Bass genealogy includes emigrants to Virginia and Massachusetts in the 1630s.

Bass Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Chlogene Bass-- --, 1927March 2,1997OK
Baheejah Bass-- --, 1953March 29,2007CA
C Austin Bass-- --, 1917July 2,1996CT
D Helen Bass-- --, 1921March 12,2002IL

Bass Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Neal Bass-- --, 1925August 9,2006Chattahoochee,FL
Fain Bass-- --, 1899December ,1983Oklahoma City,OK
G Robert Bass-- --, 1932November 21,1995Burkesville,KY
H Dorsey Bass-- --, 1916October 30,2003Griffin,GA

Bass Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Archie BassEva WilliamsFebruary 19,1955Wake, NC
Clarence BassSarah HumphreyJanuary 1,1949Wake, NC
Edison BassHallie CovingtonMay 12,1934Wake, NC
Geo BassHazel FosterApril 30,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bass

491st: Joseph492nd: Summers
493rd: Castillo494th: Huff
495th: Skinner496th: Phelps
497th: Cameron498th: Bruce
499th: Randall500th: Hood

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