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Bateman Genealogy & History

Bateman, an English-Scottish name based on the Greek given name Bartholomew, translates as man (friend/servant) of Bart. Bartholomew, literally meaning one abounding in furrows or a farmer, was especially popular during the Crusades. Alternate derivations from Old English bat (boat) or bate (contender) describe a boatman or military man, with Bateman genealogy spelling variations of Bademan, Baitman, Battman, Padman, and Pateman. Bateman family history dates to before the Norman Conquest in Derbyshire in the English midlands and to 1624 in the New World in Virginia. The red crescents and red estoiles (wavy stars) on the crest and coat of arms signify God's goodness and hope of glory.

Bateman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Francis Bateman-- --, 1910June 21,2002PA
Baldwin Bateman-- --, 1929February 3,2005NJ
C Arthur Bateman-- --, 1914November 23,2001NY
D H Samuel Bateman-- --, 1916December 30,1989NY

Bateman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bateman-- --, 1893February ,1972Springfield,MA
F Barbara Bateman-- --, 1929October 11,2002Rehoboth Beach,DE
Gail Bateman-- --, 1924July 25,2008Clearwater,FL
H George Bateman-- --, 1913May ,1986Williamstown,WV

Bateman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BatemanJulie VossJuly 25,1998Wake, NC
Bobby BatemanFrances HuffsticklerAugust 17,1980Wake, NC
Charles BatemanTinja LeeDecember 2,1972Wake, NC
David BatemanBecky HarpMarch 6,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bateman

1568th: Blue1569th: Colon
1570th: Westbrook1571st: Dill
1572nd: Ulrich1573rd: Goldsmith
1574th: Rhoades1575th: Schwab
1576th: Benoit1577th: Hyatt

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