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Baumann Genealogy & History

Baumann is a name that stems from early medieval German, denoting an associate or neighbor. It also is derived from the Middle High German word Baum or Boum, meaning tree, for someone who lived near a tree, and it also descends from the German word bumann and buwaeere, indicating a tiller of the soil or farmer. Some of the different spellings include Baumen, Baumman, and Bauman. Baumann family history tells that the first known recording is Johanne Bower of Greifswald, Germany, in 1354. Some members of Baumann genealogy are Olympic shooter Albert Baumann; Roman Catholic Bishop Hilary Baumann Hacker; and painter and printmaker Gustave Baurmann.

Baumann Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abraham Baumann-- --, 1898June ,1966NY
Barbara Baumann-- --, 1916April 24,2005MA
Callista Baumann-- --, 1917April 14,1997SD
Dale Baumann-- --, 1908December 8,1993NY

Baumann Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Earl Baumann-- --, 1937May ,1984Phoenix,AZ
Faith Baumann-- --, 1942April ,1993Bass Lake,CA
Gabriel Baumann-- --, 1973March 25,2007Mason,OH
Haldon Baumann-- --, 1895July ,1982Seattle,WA

Baumann Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradley BaumannMarsha GaddyMarch 21,2001Tarrant, TX
Desmond BaumannCarolyn DiorioJune 18,1968Wake, NC
Edward BaumannDarlene GaryMarch 21,2000Bexar, TX
Frank BaumannJudith WichmanJuly 30,1966Comal, TX

Most Common Surnames After Baumann

1763rd: Beckman1764th: Vernon
1765th: Stringer1766th: Purdy
1767th: Dow1768th: Whittington
1769th: Foote1770th: Coon
1771st: Ambrose1772nd: Fay

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