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Baxter is an English-Scottish occupational name, derived from Old English "baecestre", meaning "baker"?originally, a female baker. In Middle English it morphed into "bakstere" and then "baxter" and applied to male bakers too. Baxter family history traces back to the ancient eastern Borders region between Scotland and England, first habituated by the Boernicians, a mixture of Angles, Scottish Picts, and Vikings, specifically Forfarshire where the Baxters had a family seat (feudal manor). The Scottish coat of arms depicts an ermine on a chevron with three mullets; thmotto of "vincit veritas" means "truth conquers". Baxtergenealogy in America began in Massachusetts in 1630.

Baxter Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Belle Baxter-- --, 1922December 17,2007TN
Bonnie Baxter-- --, 1929August 13,2010MO
C Oliver Baxter-- --, 1923October 3,2003PA
Daisy Baxter-- --, 1893March ,1982GA

Baxter Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Baxter-- --, 1927September 14,1997Manchester,NH
Faber Baxter-- --, 1893February ,1981Atlanta,GA
G Bert Baxter-- --, 1922June 15,1999Batesville,TX
H Goldene Baxter-- --, 1915November ,1985Thedford,NE

Baxter Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Isaac BaxterEppie GoodsonMarch 14,1946Wake, NC
James BaxterAnn CopleymJune 27,1948Wake, NC
Theodore BaxterGloria HillJune 7,1955Wake, NC
Wade BaxterHeather PerkSeptember 9,2000Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Baxter

542nd: Wyatt543rd: Eaton
544th: Dillon545th: Kline
546th: Golden547th: Savage
548th: Kerr549th: Dyer
550th: Holloway551st: Herman

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