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Bearden Genealogy & History

Bearden is an English surname from the Old French given name Burdo, likely from some Germanic word. It might also come from the Old French bourdon, meaning a pilgrim´┐Żs staff, and thus refer to a carrier thereof, pilgrim or not. Lastly, it could be from the Old German and Latin burdo, meaning mule, and originally have served as a nickname. Bearden family history begins in 1115, when Arnulf Burdin was noted in the Book of Winton. Bearden genealogy includes widely-traveled pitcher Gene Bearden and actor Jonathan Bearden.

Bearden Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bearden-- --, 1887November ,1966IL
Bane Bearden-- --, 1902June 12,1993OK
Calisteen Bearden-- --, 1923November ,1983AR
Daisy Bearden-- --, 1926October 26,2007GA

Bearden Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bearden-- --, 1892July ,1978Pine Bluff,AR
Fain Bearden-- --, 1917August 27,1991Chatsworth,GA
Gail Bearden-- --, 1938October 13,1994Sylacauga,AL
Hal Bearden-- --, 1902January ,1974Fort Worth,TX

Bearden Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BeardenCandace AbernathyMarch 9,2002Denton, TX
Benjamin BeardenShannon TrutnaJuly 25,2008Wake, NC
Choya BeardenDeborah PopeFebruary 10,1990Wake, NC
Edward BeardenRebecca MccoyMarch 21,2002Mclennan, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bearden

2332nd: O'Reilly2333rd: Cloud
2334th: Janssen2335th: Chance
2336th: Fallon2337th: Ness
2338th: Beaty2339th: Dowdy
2340th: Hamrick2341st: Strand

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