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Beasley Genealogy & History

Beasley is a locational English name, indicating a family who came from the Lancashire town of Beesley, thought to be a compound of Old English "beos", meaning "bent grass", and "leah", meaning "clearing". The name was first recorded in 1246 as de Besleg, with subsequent variations of Beasleigh, Beisley, and Bezley. Beasley family history includes an ancient 10th-century family seat (feudal manor) in Warwickshire. In 1820, Thomas Beasley, Esq., of Dublin was granted a coat of arms, consisting of a red and silver shield with a chevron and three trefoils, probably symbolic of the Christian trinity. The first American in Beasley genealogy arrived in 1624.

Beasley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Earl Beasley-- --, 1922February ,1985AL
Ballard Beasley-- --, 1923July 29,1993TN
C Evans Beasley-- --, 1926March 12,2010NY
Daisy Beasley-- --, 1906November 26,1995VA

Beasley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jewell Beasley-- --, 1910February 6,2006Centerville,TN
Fairdie Beasley-- --, 1900July ,1971Clyde,NC
G Lenoir Beasley-- --, 1928December 4,2005Henderson,NV
H Earle Beasley-- --, 1911January 6,1992Concord,NH

Beasley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Baldy BeasleyFlorence JonesDecember 24,1936Wake, NC
Charlie BeasleyLeona FerrellAugust 4,1934Wake, NC
Delton BeasleyMyrtle BlackmanApril 22,1961Wake, NC
George BeasleyMary KingJanuary 17,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Beasley

650th: Duffy651st: Glass
652nd: Hebert653rd: Gentry
654th: Winters655th: O'Neal
656th: Case657th: Blackwell
658th: Huber659th: Bender

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