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Beaty Genealogy & History

Beaty is a border name, found in the area close to both England and Scotland. It was thought to be derived from the given name Beatrice but more likely comes from Bate or Batey, diminutives of the given name Bartholomew. It became much more common during and after the Crusades, when warriors and their families took new names reflecting the endeavor. Beaty family history begins in 1334, when Hew Batie was noted in the Scottish Rolls in the Tower of London. Beaty genealogy includes Hawks center Zelmo Beaty and research engineer and amateur science promoter William Beaty.

Beaty Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Beaty-- --, 1914August 14,1997MI
Barbara Beaty-- --, 1939March 11,1998NC
Callie Beaty-- --, 1906December 3,2003TX
D Mildred Beaty-- --, 1915January 4,1994TN

Beaty Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earcy Beaty-- --, 1918May 8,2007Jasper,TX
Fannie Beaty-- --, 1907May 27,2006Seneca,SC
Gail Beaty-- --, 1941January 11,2008Walhalla,SC
Hadys Beaty-- --, 1922February 3,1988Crossville,TN

Beaty Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ardis BeatyStephanie WilliamsNovember 19,2000Tyler, TX
Braven BeatyGlenda JeffersOctober 12,1985Wake, NC
Clifton BeatyRosalind GreenJuly 10,2000Dallas, TX
Damon BeatyChelsea LilesSeptember 29,2001Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Beaty

2339th: Dowdy2340th: Hamrick
2341st: Strand2342nd: Hildebrand
2343rd: Wyman2344th: Elam
2345th: Royal2346th: Stoll
2347th: Lovelace2348th: Braswell

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