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Beckman Genealogy & History

Beckman is a Middle English name stemming from the word beck, denoting a brook; thus this topographical name means someone who lived nearby a brook. Some of the different spellings include Bykman, Bickeman, Bikman, and Bicman. Beckman family history tells us that Michel Beckman and his family were some of the first members of the family to migrate to America, in 1709. The family has had its seat in Cambridgeshire, England, since the early middle Ages. Some members of Beckman genealogy include chemist Arnold Orville Beckman; actress, model, and professional wrestler Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich; and Ohio State linguistics professor Mary Beckman.

Beckman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Darrel Beckman-- --, 1921December 15,2002CO
Barbara Beckman-- --, 1930November 23,2006OH
C Lewis Beckman-- --, 1916February 20,1992CA
Dagmar Beckman-- --, 1916May 28,1992WA

Beckman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Beckman-- --, 1931November 26,1994Oakland,MD
Fannie Beckman-- --, 1895November 4,1990Columbus,OH
Gail Beckman-- --, 1938October 19,2007Atlanta,GA
Hager Beckman-- --, 1946June 30,1998Oakland,MD

Beckman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred BeckmanJennifer StephensFebruary 26,2001Collin, TX
Frederick BeckmanKimberly MolineFebruary 21,1997Wake, NC
Richard BeckmanPearl SobelMay 29,1952Wake, NC
Oscar BeckmanFlonnie LewisMay 30,1953Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Beckman

1764th: Vernon1765th: Stringer
1766th: Purdy1767th: Dow
1768th: Whittington1769th: Foote
1770th: Coon1771st: Ambrose
1772nd: Fay1773rd: Coughlin

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