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Belanger Genealogy & History

Belanger is a Norman and French name. Most likely, it was originally derived from the Old French personal name Berenger, which was originally a German name that meant warrior fighting with a spear. The name could also possibly come from the Norman town Anger plus Bel, meaning beautiful. Belanger family history in England began when they fought for William the Conqueror, who gave them lands in Nottingham in return. Belanger genealogy includes Jean-Baptiste Belanger, an applied mathematician who taught Gustave Eiffel, who proceeded to carve Jean-Baptiste�s name into the Eiffel Tower.

Belanger Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Raymond Belanger-- --, 1924October 3,2006NY
Babe Belanger-- --, 1908January 14,1995MO
Calma Belanger-- --, 1920June 9,2008TX
Dale Belanger-- --, 1930June 4,1994WI

Belanger Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Donald Belanger-- --, 1918May 11,1990Bloomsbury,NJ
Fabian Belanger-- --, 1925February 13,2005Somerset,MA
Gabrielle Belanger-- --, 1910August ,1993Holden,MA
Hampy Belanger-- --, 1926March 7,1999New Britain,CT

Belanger Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam BelangerRachel JacksonSeptember 3,2006Wake, NC
Matthew BelangerMichele PatashnickSeptember 9,2000Wake, NC
Serge BelangerDeborah BarfootNovember 15,2003Bexar, TX
Isaac BelangerAngelica CastilloFebruary 17,2004Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Belanger

2104th: Rosa2105th: Boles
2106th: Dumas2107th: Caron
2108th: Duggan2109th: Kenyon
2110th: Marcum2111th: Strange
2112th: Rhoads2113th: Tang

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