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Berg Genealogy & History

Berg is a locational name widespread throughout Europe, mainly in Germany, Holland and Sweden, derived from Old English/Scandinavian "beorg" and Old High German "burg" meaning fortified hill. Berg family history in England dates back to feudal times in the German Rhineland, 1086 in Suffolk, England (as de Burc), and the 15th century in Holland. William de Burgo of Suffolk took the name to Ireland in 1170 when he invaded with Strongbow, and became Chief Governor. Variations in Berg genealogy include Bergen, Berger, Van Berg, Van den Bergh, Van der Berg. In America the first name-bearers were Berg and Vandeberg emigrants to New York and Pennsylvania in 1709/1710.

Berg Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Donald Berg-- --, 1922December 30,2008MI
Bab Berg-- --, 1880July ,1973CA
C Eddie Berg-- --, 1916November 8,1992MN
D Bernard Berg-- --, 1914April 19,1990IL

Berg Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E D Todd Berg-- --, 1928December 25,1996Fargo,ND
Faeth Berg-- --, 1892June ,1973San Diego,CA
G Adelyn Berg-- --, 1909May 12,2010Excelsior,MN
H Jack Berg-- --, 1916July 2,1994Fremont,NE

Berg Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis BergNancy PfeufferAugust 21,1971Wake, NC
Sean BergKelly WilliamsJanuary 11,2003Wake, NC
Leslie BergRhonda WaideApril 18,2003Denton, TX
Isack BergTina FriessenJuly 5,2003Gaines, TX

Most Common Surnames After Berg

435th: Pope436th: Cain
437th: Cochran438th: Hoover
439th: Wall440th: Bryan
441st: McBride442nd: Tate
443rd: Decker444th: Alvarez

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