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Bergeron Genealogy & History

Bergeron is a prestigious French surname, derived from the Old German berg meaning hill, bestowed on someone who lived near a mountain. A second possible derivation is from Old French berger, meaning shepherd. Bergerons were first found in Burgundy, where the family owned land since feudal times. Bergeron genealogy includes the spelling variations Bergerat, Bergereau, Bergerie, Bergeronneau, Bergiron, Birgironne, le Bergeron, and de Bergeron, as well as the diminutive form of related names of Berger, Bergey, and Bergier. American Bergeron family history started in Quebec in 1666; Bergeron name-holders are found primarily in New England and Louisiana and include 1933 Miss America Marian Bergeron, from Connecticut.

Bergeron Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bergeron-- --, 1901August ,1980LA
B Jean Bergeron-- --, 1928August 22,1996IL
Caleb Bergeron-- --, 1905April ,1987LA
Daisy Bergeron-- --, 1901March ,1980TX

Bergeron Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Virginia Bergeron-- --, 1919May 25,2009New Castle,NH
Fabien Bergeron-- --, 1885December ,1966Pawtucket,RI
Gabriel Bergeron-- --, 1921April ,1984Berlin,NH
Hannah Bergeron-- --, 1905November ,1970Woonsocket,RI

Bergeron Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan BergeronMary MalackyAugust 4,1979Wake, NC
Bernard BergeronJoanne RenaudApril 16,2005Wake, NC
Christopher BergeronCandice JoyceAugust 24,2001Montgomery, TX
Donald BergeronDorothy JacksonNovember 17,1951Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bergeron

1400th: Houser1401st: Crowder
1402nd: Crockett1403rd: Coulter
1404th: Cartwright1405th: Tobin
1406th: Hagan1407th: Dietz
1408th: Lovell1409th: Beyer

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