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Bergman Genealogy & History

The surname of the Bergman genealogy translates from Yiddish to mean man of the hills or mountain. In addition to the topographical nature of the surname, over time the meaning of the word Bergman extended to describe miners as well. Historians theorize that this extension occurred because mining, prior to the Industrial Revolution, took place in mountains. Primarily a German or Swedish name, the Bergman surname is most common in the Netherlands, closely followed by Germany. Famous individuals from the Bergman family history include the Swedish suffragette Signe Bergman, Swedish ice hockey player Thommie Bergman, and mineralogist Torbern Olof Bergman.

Bergman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louis Bergman-- --, 1889April ,1971UT
Babette Bergman-- --, 1902July 28,1988CA
C Warren Bergman-- --, 1917February ,1980IL
Daisy Bergman-- --, 1913June 30,2003MD

Bergman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Fern Bergman-- --, 1921March 15,1995Olympia,WA
Fabian Bergman-- --, 1903March 27,1988Mesa,AZ
Gabriel Bergman-- --, 1914January 12,1989Fort Lauderdale,FL
H Isabella Bergman-- --, 1917April 19,1994East Haven,CT

Bergman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles BergmanKristin RobertsJuly 27,2001Coryell, TX
Steven BergmanCynthia MossJanuary 31,1998Wake, NC
James BergmanKaren ButlerApril 7,2001Polk, TX
Raymond BergmanAnnette ClevengerFebruary 4,2001Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bergman

1421st: Eddy1422nd: Sadler
1423rd: Polk1424th: Lilly
1425th: Toth1426th: McHugh
1427th: Caruso1428th: Kearney
1429th: Engle1430th: McMullen

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