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Bernstein Genealogy & History

Bernstein is a Jewish and German name. It was originally taken from the German word Bernstein, which means amber. That was derived from the Middle Low German words bernen, meaning to burn, and sten, meaning stone (amber was thought to be made by burning). It could also have been a locational name taken from a German town named Bernstein. Bernstein family history begins in Prussia, where they held political influence since ancient times. Bernstein genealogy includes Leonard Bernstein, one of the first American-born conductors who gained worldwide fame, and Lionel Bernstein, who along with his wife Hilda was a prominent anti-apartheid activist.

Bernstein Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Elliott Bernstein-- --, 1927March 16,1999NY
Babette Bernstein-- --, 1913November 28,1998NY
C Kelly Bernstein-- --, 1944March ,1985NY
D Sue Bernstein-- --, 1934August 29,2002PA

Bernstein Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bernstein-- --, 1907February ,1977Chicago,IL
Fae Bernstein-- --, 1907October ,1983Miami,FL
Gabriel Bernstein-- --, 1921December 11,1997Rutherford,NJ
H Scott Bernstein-- --, 1960September ,1982North Las Vegas,NV

Bernstein Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Larry BernsteinNancy SmythDecember 12,1992Wake, NC
Victor BernsteinJudith ArmstrongOctober 19,1975Los Angeles, CA
William BernsteinCarol GolubockNovember 7,1971Travis, TX
Paul BernsteinTrae TolerFebruary 18,2005Kerr, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bernstein

1015th: Curran1016th: Bonner
1017th: Sharpe1018th: Block
1019th: Ackerman1020th: Swartz
1021st: Alford1022nd: Denton
1023rd: Godfrey1024th: Pate

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