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Best is an occupational/descriptive English name also found in Holland and France. Derived from Old English "beste" from Latin "bestia" meaning beast, it could refer to a cattle herdsman or to someone powerful, perhaps brutally so. In Best family history, there was a family seat (feudal manor) in Kent. William Best (1767-1845), the first Baron Wynford, was Lord Chief Justice; fittingly the family motto "libertas in legibus" means liberty in the law. The earliest Best coat of arms is a black shield with gold crosses and cinquefoil, which signifies strength, power, honor and loyalty. In America, Best genealogy traces back to Jamestown, Virginia, in the 1620s.

Best Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Elinor Best-- --, 1927February 8,1994PA
Bacil Best-- --, 1890January ,1985CA
C Fred Best-- --, 1929April 4,2000PA
Daisy Best-- --, 1914May 14,2002NY

Best Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lucille Best-- --, 1913April 21,2008Sidney,MT
Fairy Best-- --, 1912August 15,2001Canfield,OH
G Carlton Best-- --, 1928November 27,2005Wooster,OH
H Gordon Best-- --, 1919September ,1985Flushing,NY

Best Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin BestBarbara BuffaloeNovember 23,1972Wake, NC
Coleece BestNelma DenningApril 25,1954Wake, NC
Dennis BestJudith DriverDecember 27,1969Wake, NC
Emmitt BestMary EdgertonMay 27,1962Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Best

776th: Rosenberg777th: Faulkner
778th: Coffey779th: Hanna
780th: Madden781st: Lehman
782nd: Merrill783rd: Maynard
784th: Benton785th: Avery

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