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Beyer Genealogy & History

Beyer genealogy is German or Ashkenazi Jewish and extremely common. It was originally a regional name referring to someone from the southern German region of Bavaria, or Bayern in German. The region derived its name from a series of tribes that occupied the region, first the Celtic Boii, followed by the Germanic Baiuoarii. The name Beyer (with alternate spellings such as Bayer and Beier) first appears in written records in the late thirteenth century. Early Beyer family history in the United States includes Anna Appollonia Beyer and Eva Elisabetha Beyer, who arrived in 1681, as well as a number of settlers in New York in the eighteenth century.

Beyer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aartje Beyer-- --, 1898September ,1980IA
B Irene Beyer-- --, 1918July 30,2003IL
Calastine Beyer-- --, 1906July ,1970TX
Daisy Beyer-- --, 1890February ,1980PA

Beyer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Beyer-- --, 1907April 15,1992Horseheads,NY
Fabian Beyer-- --, 1981April 16,2004Westbury,NY
Gail Beyer-- --, 1909December 5,2002Newton,NJ
H Lloyd Beyer-- --, 1913August 12,2005Gladwyne,PA

Beyer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Donald BeyerElsie FoxApril 25,1953Wake, NC
Frederick BeyerMary PeacockJune 25,1966Wake, NC
Michael BeyerKerry MartinJune 28,2000Coryell, TX
Randy BeyerAmy MillerSeptember 9,2000Galveston, TX

Most Common Surnames After Beyer

1410th: Kahn1411th: Epstein
1412th: Lockwood1413th: McGraw
1414th: Lacy1415th: Abraham
1416th: Flaherty1417th: Trevino
1418th: Yost1419th: Weir

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