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Billings Genealogy & History

The origin of the Billings surname is obscure, although it stems from Anglo-Saxon roots. It may come from bil (sword) plus hard (brave) or from bil + wald (rule). It could also be taken from Billing in Northamptonshire or Billinge in Lancashire, both of which mean the settlement of Billa's people. The name appears as early as 1202, and a certain John Billings is found in the Register of Oxford University in 1581. Billings family history indicates that Enoch Billings settled in Barbados in 1663. Notable names in the Billings genealogy include choral composer William Billings and hydrogen energy developer and high-tech pioneer Roger E. Billings.

Billings Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Billings-- --, 1918February 2,2007ME
Banner Billings-- --, 1913December 13,1997WV
Callie Billings-- --, 1907February 5,2003NC
D Lorraine Billings-- --, 1920March ,1984NE

Billings Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Beverly Billings-- --, 1922January 29,2004Union City,CA
Fairrie Billings-- --, 1903November ,1966Dimmitt,TX
Gabriela Billings-- --, 1910March ,1975Pico Rivera,CA
H Odell Billings-- --, 1925May 16,2008North Wilkesboro,NC

Billings Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin BillingsJosephine HerringOctober 7,1960Wake, NC
Charles BillingsElla ClaytonNovember 11,1933Wake, NC
Eugene BillingsSue McclammyMarch 31,1943Wake, NC
Larry BillingsCatherine JacobsJuly 13,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Billings

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1361st: Weinstein1362nd: Boswell
1363rd: Urban1364th: Brandon
1365th: Dick1366th: Harden
1367th: Sheldon1368th: Cummins

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