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Bingham Genealogy & History

Bingham is a locational English name, originally bestowed on persons from the medieval town of Bingham in Nottinghamshire. It is derived from Old English bing/bingr, meaning hollow/manger, and ham, meaning farm. Alternatively, some name-holders may descend from the English clan Binningas; variations include Bingam, Binghame, and Binham. Bingham family history dates to feudal times in Somerset, where the family had a seat at Sutton Bingham. A British Bingham coat of arms has three water-bougets (yokes with water skeins), indicating military water aid, probably dating to the crusades; the family motto, spes mea Cristus, means Christ is my hope. Bingham genealogy in America dates to 1653 in Virginia.

Bingham Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bingham-- --, 1948December 18,1996PA
B Devon Bingham-- --, 1925February 28,2001NC
C Earl Bingham-- --, 1919March ,1989UT
Dagmar Bingham-- --, 1946August 4,2008CA

Bingham Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Cornelia Bingham-- --, 1920January 4,2006Oroville,WA
F Dexter Bingham-- --, 1914October 28,2008Fort Wayne,IN
G Patrick Bingham-- --, 1918February 4,1989Land O Lakes,FL
H Dale Bingham-- --, 1916October 21,2004Mooresville,IN

Bingham Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher BinghamAllison YoungSeptember 21,2002Wake, NC
Glenn BinghamLouise WilesAugust 27,1949Wake, NC
John BinghamBarbara HoagOctober 20,1982Wake, NC
Richard BinghamErica BlombergNovember 10,1984Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bingham

1214th: Masters1215th: Leon
1216th: Manley1217th: Bowling
1218th: Dubois1219th: Nix
1220th: Grove1221st: Erwin
1222nd: Lockhart1223rd: Geiger

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