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Bird Genealogy & History

Bird is a descriptive English surname derived from Old English "bridde", meaning bird, bestowed on someone bright or showy in dress or abilities, or occupationally on a bird-catcher. English Bird family history boasts of a family seat (feudal home) in Cheshire. The Bird motto "cruce spec mea" means "my hope is the cross". The Bird coat of arms is a red cross on a silver shield with four red martlets. Martlets were flightless birds symbolizing quest for knowledge or adventure; four symbolized the fourth son who without inheritance led a nomadic work-filled existence. American Bird genealogy includes 1630s emigrants to Virginia as well as Polar explorer Richard Byrd.

Bird Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bird-- --, 1898May ,1975OH
B Robert Bird-- --, 1918November 22,2001PA
C Michael Bird-- --, 1929February 21,1989MN
D Myrtle Bird-- --, 1888September ,1983WV

Bird Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clark Bird-- --, 1917April 7,1992Tucson,AZ
Facunda Bird-- --, 1924February 20,2008Robstown,TX
G Claire Bird-- --, 1929April 19,1994Painesville,OH
H Sidney Bird-- --, 1937September 19,1993Auburn,MA

Bird Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gary BirdLaura PhilpotAugust 2,1995Wake, NC
Robert BirdTracy EdwardsJune 26,1965Wake, NC
Henry BirdMichele SanfordNovember 15,1967Wake, NC
Jack BirdJoann AllenMarch 18,2000Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bird

801st: Daugherty802nd: Burch
803rd: David804th: Horne
805th: Barron806th: Gaines
807th: Osborn808th: Donaldson
809th: Stern810th: Rosen

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