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Blanchard is a descriptive English/French name derived from Old French "blanc" meaning white and the suffix "-ard" meaning description. While most popularly considered to be descriptive of someone with white hair or pale complexion, it may also describe someone of especially pure character; in the Middle Ages, white symbolized purity. Blanchard family history in England includes a family seat (feudal manor) at Grimsbargh Hall in Lancashire and early recordings of the name in Devonshire. Blanchards are numerous in central France, where the counts of Anjou and Gatinais ruled in the Middle Ages. Blanchard genealogy in America dates back to 1639 in Massachusetts.

Blanchard Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lane Blanchard-- --, 1931October 24,2002ID
B Jo Blanchard-- --, 1930October 9,2009IA
C Beverly Blanchard-- --, 1923April 23,2004NY
D Aileen Blanchard-- --, 1919July 2,2002NY

Blanchard Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edward Blanchard-- --, 1908November 26,1997Gloversville,NY
F Evelyn Blanchard-- --, 1917September 16,2004Center Ossipee,NH
G Eleanor Blanchard-- --, 1914September 3,1997Lawrence,MA
Hal Blanchard-- --, 1906September 19,1988San Diego,CA

Blanchard Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Durwood BlanchardMartha ArthurJuly 18,1941Wake, NC
Edward BlanchardCarolyn AikenApril 14,1951Wake, NC
Gurney BlanchardHarriet WhiteOctober 2,1971Wake, NC
Roger BlanchardBernice JonesJuly 2,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Blanchard

709th: McClain710th: Whitehead
711th: Shea712th: Munoz
713th: Landry714th: Blackburn
715th: McCall716th: Novak
717th: Salazar718th: Hickman

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