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Blankenship Genealogy & History

Blankenship is a locational English name, thought to be derived from Norse "blenkin", meaning valley, and Gaelic "sop", meaning wheat. Originally from Blencarn in Cumbria, the Blenkinsopps migrated to Northumberland and Durham; those who remained in Cumbria changed the name from Blenkinsopp to Blenkinship, probably a result of occupation (shipwright). The Blankenship family history in Northumberland includes a Blenkinsopp castle on their ancient manor held from the 13th century. American Blankenship genealogy dates to a 1686 emigrant to Virginia. The Blankenship motto "Dieu defende le droit" means "God defends the right". Three gold wheat sheaves on the coat of arms signify plentifulness.

Blankenship Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Blankenship-- --, 1920May 15,2002CA
B Jack Blankenship-- --, 1926February 3,2005OK
C Earl Blankenship-- --, 1929November 5,2004IL
Dabney Blankenship-- --, 1918October ,1986WV

Blankenship Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lee Blankenship-- --, 1924September 2,1998Northridge,CA
Fairl Blankenship-- --, 1913October 10,1997Hayesville,NC
Gail Blankenship-- --, 1935October 29,2001Warren,AR
H Fred Blankenship-- --, 1913January 7,2010Nashville,TN

Blankenship Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradley BlankenshipKristi KeithJune 3,2007Wake, NC
Freneau BlankenshipNancy PeeteJuly 10,1954Wake, NC
Robert BlankenshipRuth BlackleyOctober 18,1944Wake, NC
Larry BlankenshipIrene CarrollSeptember 8,1960Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Blankenship

681st: Andersen682nd: Knox
683rd: Frederick684th: Rasmussen
685th: Krause686th: Wilkerson
687th: McFarland688th: Werner
689th: Meadows690th: Moon

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