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Blanton Genealogy & History

Blanton is a locational name that has its Scottish roots in Blencame in the county of Cumberland, where the family was lords of the manor. The Blanton clan has lived there since the Middle Ages. Some of the name's many spellings are Blincarne, Blinckharne, Blantow, Blantone, Blenkhorn, and Blinkhorn. Blanton family history shows that William Blanton arrived in Boston in 1620, while John Blanton settled in Pennsylvania in 1682. Noteworthy Blanton genealogy members are anthropologist, archaeologist and academic Richard E. Blanton; jazz double bassist Jimmie Blanton; and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Joseph Matthew Blanton. Blanton's bourbon was named after Albert B. Blanton.

Blanton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edward Blanton-- --, 1919October 6,2002TN
Baby Blanton-- --, 1916January ,1985OK
C Robert Blanton-- --, 1922May 16,1997NC
D Joe Blanton-- --, 1933January 18,1998NC

Blanton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eady Blanton-- --, 1889March ,1984Cordell,OK
Faith Blanton-- --, 1922June ,1974San Jose,CA
G Kevin Blanton-- --, 1959January 3,2004Springhill,LA
Hade Blanton-- --, 1923May 6,1997Mansfield,OH

Blanton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert BlantonGlenda RobertsNovember 23,1942Wake, NC
Bryan BlantonLisa HardinJune 14,2003Wake, NC
Calvin BlantonDelores BryantMay 23,1998Wake, NC
Edward BlantonEva DennyApril 9,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Blanton

1254th: Paulson1255th: Stratton
1256th: Gagnon1257th: Metzger
1258th: Teague1259th: Bowles
1260th: Voss1261st: Akers
1262nd: Shah1263rd: Daley

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