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Blevins Genealogy & History

Blevins is a patronymic Wesh name, derived from the personal name Bleiddyn, which itself is derived from "blaidd" (wolf) and the diminutive suffix "-yn." While often bestowed on a hero, it could also describe a false ally (that is, a wolf in sheep's clothing). Variations on the name include Blethyn, Pleaden, Pleavins, Ap Plethyn; the "P" names are a simple shortening of the patronymic ap'Blethyn. In Blevins family history, the family is first found in Denbighshire, where Meredith Ap Blethyn (1047-1132) was the Prince of Powys in eastern Wales. In American Blevins genealogy, the first emigrant was to San Francisco in 1851.

Blevins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Blevins-- --, 1902December ,1966AL
Bailey Blevins-- --, 1928December ,1973WV
Callie Blevins-- --, 1908April ,1979TN
D Carlyle Blevins-- --, 1921September 17,2003MD

Blevins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Howard Blevins-- --, 1925June 18,1997Baltimore,MD
Fairy Blevins-- --, 1902June 19,1992Fayetteville,AR
Gail Blevins-- --, 1904May ,1974Chicago,IL
Howard Blevins-- --, 1925September 15,1988Elyria,OH

Blevins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Egbert BlevinsEllen RaganMarch 28,1937Wake, NC
Wilson BlevinsSarah PageJanuary 15,1932Wake, NC
Thomas BlevinsRoe JohnsonJuly 29,1955Wake, NC
Ronald BlevinsRebecca GriggNovember 22,1962Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Blevins

843rd: Delgado844th: Downs
845th: Hendrix846th: Dudley
847th: Fink848th: Sampson
849th: Hatfield850th: Archer
851st: Cantrell852nd: Spence

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