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Bliss Genealogy & History

Bliss is an English name with two primary origins. First, it may be locational, from the town of Blay in Normandy, then spelled Bleis, or Stoke Bliss in Worcestershire, reportedly named for a Norman family. It could also be from the Middle English blisse, meaning joy or happiness and thus used for someone cheerful. Bliss family history starts with William Bliss, who was noted in the Pipe Rolls of Huntingdonshire in 1240. Bliss genealogy lays claim to several interesting people, such as Michigan Governor Aaron Bliss, McKinley Interior Secretary Cornelius Bliss, and Union General Zenas Bliss.

Bliss Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bliss-- --, 1915October 15,1996MI
Baird Bliss-- --, 1939February 5,2006MI
C Paul Bliss-- --, 1922August 20,2004CA
D Howard Bliss-- --, 1916May ,1980NY

Bliss Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marcele Bliss-- --, 1918April 16,2005Englewood,CO
Fairis Bliss-- --, 1905October 8,1989San Jose,CA
Gail Bliss-- --, 1915November 14,2003Lapeer,MI
H Donald Bliss-- --, 1921June 1,1998Port Angeles,WA

Bliss Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam BlissTeresa VanhoyOctober 9,2004Wake, NC
Daniel BlissDesiree BurnsJuly 22,2000Nueces, TX
Francis BlissKittie RayFebruary 3,2001Ellis, TX
Greg BlissMelody MorganJuly 4,2000Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bliss

1878th: Graf1879th: MacKenzie
1880th: Abernathy1881st: Schuler
1882nd: Hargrove1883rd: Willoughby
1884th: Farrar1885th: McGregor
1886th: Champion1887th: Dukes

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