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Bloom Genealogy & History

Bloom is both an occupational English and locational German name. Its Anglo-Saxon derivation is from Old English "bloma", meaning iron ingot, referring to an iron-worker. Variations include Blome and Blomere. Its German derivation is from Middle Low German "blom" and Yiddish "blum", meaning flower, referring to a flowering meadow or gardener. Variations include Blumner, Blomberg, Blomgarten, Blommestein, Blume, and Blumenbach. Bloom family history originated in London in 1109 and Sussex in 1177. In Germany, the earliest history was in Schleswig-Holstein. American Bloom genealogy began with an emigrant to Maryland in 1653. The Bloom coat of arms is a blue shield with three gold flowers.

Bloom Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Sam Bloom-- --, 1915March 11,1996KS
Babe Bloom-- --, 1901August ,1990NE
C Otis Bloom-- --, 1925December 12,1999NY
Daisy Bloom-- --, 1903June ,1981OH

Bloom Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Suzanne Bloom-- --, 1933April 5,1999Briarcliff Manor,NY
Fae Bloom-- --, 1907June 9,2001Cleveland,OH
G Barron Bloom-- --, 1919September 26,1998Marina Del Rey,CA
Hal Bloom-- --, 1918September 23,1994Montgomery,AL

Bloom Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Richard BloomJanice TurnerMay 19,1979Wake, NC
John BloomTeresa WhitfordMarch 7,1981Wake, NC
Thomas BloomMargaret KellyOctober 26,1985Wake, NC
Paul BloomLisa McbrideJuly 27,2002Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bloom

940th: McLeod941st: Muller
942nd: Dale943rd: Sweet
944th: Kenney945th: Sutherland
946th: Heller947th: Gibbons
948th: Gay949th: Crowe

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