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Blue is a French and Scottish surname with variations Bellouin, Bleu, Blewis, Blouard, Blous, DeBlu, and DeBlous. As a Scottish name, it was likely derived from the Gaelic MacGhilleghuirm, meaning son of the blue lad, a branch of the MacMillans clan; as French, it was likely descriptive of someone with blue eyes or clothes. It might also be an Americanization of the German name Blau. Blue family history dates to feudal times in both Languedoc in southern France, and Knapdale in Argyllshire, Scotland. The French coat of arms has gold roses signifying joy and the Scottish blue stags signifying skillfulness. American Blue genealogy dates to 1748 in North Carolina.

Blue Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Blue-- --, 1918August 22,1996FL
Barbara Blue-- --, 1936June ,1987OH
Callie Blue-- --, 1904April ,1983NY
D Gordon Blue-- --, 1927January 4,2001CA

Blue Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Blue-- --, 1945October ,1977Savannah,GA
Fannie Blue-- --, 1892April ,1982Flora,IN
G Nelson Blue-- --, 1918October 25,2001Richwood,OH
Haden Blue-- --, 1916March ,1973Downey,CA

Blue Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adrian BlueKatina WilliamsJune 7,2003Wake, NC
Brett BlueDeanna JohnsonJanuary 9,1999Wake, NC
Carson BlueRuth BauersfeldJune 12,1955Wake, NC
David BlueLouise ByrdDecember 19,1960Wake, NC

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1571st: Dill1572nd: Ulrich
1573rd: Goldsmith1574th: Rhoades
1575th: Schwab1576th: Benoit
1577th: Hyatt1578th: O'Malley

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