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Boggs Genealogy & History

Boggs genealogy is Scottish and probably originates in Yorkshire. The name is a variation of the Middle English word bogey, meaning bold. It therefore began as a descriptive nickname in the 13th century for a person with a bold or outgoing personality. There are a number of variations, including Boggers, Boggis, and Boggas, as well as surviving forms of Bogey. The Boggs family crest depicts a red buck beneath a black chevron and two black stars, all on a white field. Boggs family history includes former Delaware Governor and Senator J. Caleb Boggs and American baseball Hall-of-Famer Wade Boggs.

Boggs Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Boggs-- --, 1912January ,1985VA
Ballard Boggs-- --, 1941January 12,2009KY
C Andrew Boggs-- --, 1964April ,1987WI
Dairal Boggs-- --, 1936June ,1969MI

Boggs Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leon Boggs-- --, 1928March 28,2001Woodward,OK
Faith Boggs-- --, 1907June 30,1996Cleveland,TN
Gada Boggs-- --, 1918February ,1997Roswell,GA
H Daniel Boggs-- --, 1951February 23,1997Kingsville,OH

Boggs Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon BoggsKathryn MillerNovember 4,2002Harris, TX
Christopher BoggsDonna HarrisJune 7,1996Wake, NC
Goley BoggsJill EtheridgeNovember 22,1975Wake, NC
Marvin BoggsXariffa JonesMay 2,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Boggs

1081st: Duran1082nd: Britton
1083rd: Lord1084th: McFadden
1085th: Marquez1086th: Contreras
1087th: Mayfield1088th: Morin
1089th: Hatcher1090th: Hamm

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