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Bolden Genealogy & History

Bolden is a locational name derived from bufan dune, meaning above the hill, and also from son of Balwin, meaning friend or brave. The family coat of arms is a shield divided in to four quadrants of alternating gold and black with a rearing gold lion in the upper right black. Bolden family history mentions Richard de Boulden circa 1200 as the first known spelling of the name in the Liber S. Marie Calchou: Registrum in Kelso, Scotland. Some members of the Bolden genealogy are cornetist Charles (Buddy) Bolden and Olympic swimmer Eugene Thomas Bolden.

Bolden Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bolden-- --, 1917June ,1974IL
B Jane Bolden-- --, 1923April 28,2008WA
C Jeanette Bolden-- --, 1926February 10,2010MO
Daisy Bolden-- --, 1908February 5,1998PA

Bolden Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Bolden-- --, 1917December 26,2001Baltimore,MD
Fanni Bolden-- --, 1891December ,1975Gallion,AL
Gail Bolden-- --, 1957August 14,2010Dallas,TX
Haden Bolden-- --, 1922March 8,1999Greensboro,NC

Bolden Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Antwon BoldenMayra PereyraAugust 20,2000Harris, TX
Chauncey BoldenSabrena VermillionDecember 10,2001Wichita, TX
Daryll BoldenClarisia GableJuly 7,2001Harris, TX
Earl BoldenBrandi RaulersonFebruary 12,2000Galveston, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bolden

2366th: Boston2367th: Dorman
2368th: Laws2369th: Ragsdale
2370th: Mayberry2371st: Hyman
2372nd: Lemon2373rd: Lu
2374th: Merchant2375th: Brink

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