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Boles Genealogy & History

Boles is an English name with uncertain origins. It could be derived from the French word Boelle meaning an enclosed space for agriculture or possibly from the town Bouelles in Normandy. Alternately, it could be derived from the Welsh name ab Howell or ap Howell, meaning son of Howell; it could even have originated as an occupational name for a maker of bowls or buckets. In any event, Boles family history is first recorded with one John le Boule, who lived in Sussex in 1296. Boles genealogy in America began with Euge Boles, who landed in Virginia in 1637.

Boles Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Boles-- --, 1901March ,1981KS
Ballie Boles-- --, 1905January ,1979MI
C Read Boles-- --, 1920November 3,2004MO
Daisy Boles-- --, 1917July 17,2005KY

Boles Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Boles-- --, 1912April 19,2004Grants Pass,OR
F Elwood Boles-- --, 1916July 14,1998Westfield,NC
Gail Boles-- --, 1941March 26,2009Easton,PA
H Norman Boles-- --, 1923February 5,2010Kenton,OH

Boles Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BolesKari BitnerMay 29,1999Wake, NC
Barry BolesKatharine SmithOctober 10,1998Wake, NC
Calvin BolesMyra JonesJune 12,1957Wake, NC
Eric BolesEmily BainJuly 8,2000Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Boles

2106th: Dumas2107th: Caron
2108th: Duggan2109th: Kenyon
2110th: Marcum2111th: Strange
2112th: Rhoads2113th: Tang
2114th: Carnes2115th: Yee

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