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Bolin Genealogy & History

Bolin is an English occupational surname from the Old English boga, for bow, and man, meaning man. It is a variation on the name Bowman and also refers to an archer, though in some cases it might instead indicate someone who untangled wool with a bow. Bolin family history begins in 1223, when Adam Bogheman was registered in the King�s Court Rolls for Westmorland. Bolin genealogy includes Arizona Governor and Secretary of State Wesley Bolin and Giants and Red Sox pitcher Bobby Bolin.

Bolin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Milton Bolin-- --, 1919May 22,1991TX
B Pearl Bolin-- --, 1918February ,1983MO
C Edward Bolin-- --, 1915August ,1983IL
Daisy Bolin-- --, 1911December 21,1993MI

Bolin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edward Bolin-- --, 1928May 15,1988West Frankfort,IL
Fannie Bolin-- --, 1905January 15,1994Ashland City,TN
Gains Bolin-- --, 1902June ,1980Fort Lauderdale,FL
H Rodney Bolin-- --, 1919April 16,1989Chicago,IL

Bolin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony BolinStephanie StilesDecember 22,2001Guadalupe, TX
Brian BolinJennifer ReevesSeptember 2,2000M Clennan, TX
Christopher BolinJeanette GalvanSeptember 29,2002Dallas, TX
Dale BolinTammy ByrumMarch 22,2000Kerr, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bolin

2428th: Martino2429th: Bull
2430th: Estep2431st: Levesque
2432nd: Loyd2433rd: Reiter
2434th: Jacques2435th: Nesbitt
2436th: Schweitzer2437th: Galvan

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