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Booker is an occupational name for someone who works with books, writing them or literally making books. It originated from Middle English boker, from pre-seventh-century bocere, a form of boc, meaning book. Another occupational meaning is bleacher of cloth, emerging from bouken, a form of a Middle Low German and Dutch word meaning to whiten by steeping in lye. Booker family history has its first recording as Robert le Bukere in 1229. The family motto is he directs his course towards heaven. Noteworthy Booker genealogy members are piano player and singer James booker, football running back Lorenzo Booker, and radio/TV personality Chris Booker.

Booker Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Brooks Booker-- --, 1915May 26,2003VA
Barbara Booker-- --, 1929April 3,1992NY
Caddie Booker-- --, 1907May ,1984LA
Dabney Booker-- --, 1916February 12,1995MD

Booker Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Engene Booker-- --, 1923June ,1985Columbus,OH
Fairella Booker-- --, 1905October 6,1998Houston,TX
Gabriel Booker-- --, 1910January 8,1997Evergreen,AL
H Lindsey Booker-- --, 1918October ,1983Greenland,NH

Booker Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alex BookerAnnie FrederickJuly 19,1974Wake, NC
Brantley BookerBetty ClaytonDecember 6,1947Wake, NC
Carl BookerBetty CuttsApril 26,1973Wake, NC
Deane BookerBeatrice LewisSeptember 13,1965Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Booker

1161st: Worley1162nd: Berman
1163rd: Otto1164th: Noel
1165th: McElroy1166th: Mead
1167th: Dickey1168th: Kraft
1169th: Miranda1170th: Stover

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