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Borden Genealogy & History

Borden is an English surname with a few hypothesized origins. It might come from the Old French Burdo or Burdon, with unknown meaning but likely German descent. It could also be from the Old French bourdon, meaning a pilgrim´┐Żs staff, and thus used as a nickname for a pilgrim. Lastly, it may be from the Old German or Latin burdo, meaning mule, and used as an occupational name for a pack carrier or nickname for someone strong. Borden family history starts with Arnulf Burdin, enrolled in the Book of Winton in 1115. Borden genealogy includes Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden and condensed milk inventor Gail Borden.

Borden Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gale Borden-- --, 1912February 20,1997CA
Barbara Borden-- --, 1933February 8,2004RI
C Fred Borden-- --, 1920October 1,2006OH
Dahlia Borden-- --, 1923December 12,2009MT

Borden Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Borden-- --, 1902October ,1966Brooklyn,NY
Fairy Borden-- --, 1915November 23,2008Paducah,KY
Gail Borden-- --, 1946September 21,2007Schenectady,NY
H Allen Borden-- --, 1923February 16,2007Biloxi,MS

Borden Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen BordenBecky HesterDecember 5,1999Refugio, TX
Billy BordenBetty LamptonNovember 2,2002Dallas, TX
Christopher BordenMonica LewisMay 28,1983Wake, NC
Dante BordenRachel CarrilloAugust 1,2000Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Borden

1934th: Leone1935th: Hope
1936th: Rodriquez1937th: Holm
1938th: Wagoner1939th: Grubbs
1940th: Conn1941st: Cottrell
1942nd: Lay1943rd: Haskins

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