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Boucher Genealogy & History

Boucher is a French and British occupational surname from the Old French bouchier and Middle English boucher, both meaning someone who dismembered animals for a living, usually killing them on-site as well´┐Żan especially important job in the Middle Ages, when food choice was much more limited. Boucher family history enters the books with Ailwardus le Bochere in 1184, who was added to the Pipe Rolls of London. Boucher genealogy lays claim to several important individuals, such as actress Sherry Boucher, Quebec Premier Charles Boucher, British WWII General Charles Boucher, former Virginia congressman Rick Boucher, and author and editor Anthony Boucher.

Boucher Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbot Boucher-- --, 1922January 3,2007MD
Balbina Boucher-- --, 1902April 17,1995AZ
C Robert Boucher-- --, 1913June ,1990DC
Daisy Boucher-- --, 1897February 22,1998MA

Boucher Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Boucher-- --, 1940July 21,2007Bremerton,WA
F Henry Boucher-- --, 1916April ,1988Andover,MA
Gabriel Boucher-- --, 1910May 17,1999Narragansett,RI
Harlan Boucher-- --, 1917July 25,2006Borrego Springs,CA

Boucher Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher BoucherNatalie MillerNovember 21,1998Wake, NC
James BoucherBetty LundyMay 15,1948Wake, NC
Richard BoucherVirginia WadeFebruary 14,1967Wake, NC
Steven BoucherChristy SprayJanuary 3,2000Wichita, TX

Most Common Surnames After Boucher

1380th: Crocker1381st: Whaley
1382nd: Simms1383rd: Choi
1384th: Yu1385th: Meade
1386th: Nance1387th: Butcher
1388th: Rojas1389th: Beaver

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