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Bourgeois Genealogy & History

Bourgeois is from pre-eighth-century Old French burgeis, meaning a person who inhabited a fortified village with taxes, rates, or duties. The coat of arms is a shield divided by seven bands alternating gold and red, with red on the edges. Bourgeois family history tells us that Geoffery Burgeis is the first known spelling of the name in the Winton Rolls of Hampshire, England, in 1115. Two members of the Bourgeois genealogy are Franklin books creator and children's author Paulette Bourgeois and sculptor Louise Bourgeoiss.

Bourgeois Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
A Louis Bourgeois -- --, 1917 January 21,1999 NJ
Barbara Bourgeois -- --, 1917 January 12,1997 RI
Calice Bourgeois -- --, 1904 November ,1972 LA
Daisy Bourgeois -- --, 1923 June 27,1999 LA

Bourgeois Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Earl Bourgeois -- --, 1908 March ,1980 Greenville,IL
Fabiola Bourgeois -- --, 1907 May ,1982 Norwich,CT
Gabriel Bourgeois -- --, 1913 January ,1979 Church Point,LA
Hamilton Bourgeois -- --, 1894 January ,1974 Paulina,LA

Bourgeois Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
Roland Bourgeois Stephanie Eggli July 28,1972 Wake, NC
Vergis Bourgeois Waltine Mosie May 23,1969 Harris, TX
Walter Bourgeois Linda Godwin October 28,2000 Tarrant, TX
Urban Bourgeois Brenda Smith September 6,1961 Los Angeles, CA

Most Common Surnames After Bourgeois

2254th: Franz 2255th: Woodson
2256th: Hamby 2257th: Forrester
2258th: Speer 2259th: Ralston
2260th: Kitchen 2261st: Trout
2262nd: Waterman 2263rd: Rockwell

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