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Bowden Genealogy & History

Bowden family history suggests that the name comes from the Anglo-Saxon bufan dune (above the hill), a dweller by the top of a hill; or it may be from any of the places called Bowden or Bowdon. Several of these names come from Old English boga (arched or rounded) + dun (hill), or a rounded hill; it could also mean Burcge's hill, from a feminine personal name. In Bowden genealogy, the name is first seen around 1200 in Scotland, when Richard de Boulden was recorded in Liber S. Marie de Calchou: Registrum Kelso 1113 � 1567. Ambrose Bowden settled in Maine in 1620.

Bowden Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lee Bowden-- --, 1924April 3,1989OH
B Earl Bowden-- --, 1913September 6,1994GA
Calberta Bowden-- --, 1911December ,1990TN
Daisy Bowden-- --, 1907October ,1983WV

Bowden Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marie Bowden-- --, 1917September 9,1993San Leandro,CA
Fairley Bowden-- --, 1951October 26,2002Candor,NC
Gadie Bowden-- --, 1920August 6,2010Three Rivers,MI
H Carol Bowden-- --, 1927July ,1998Akron,OH

Bowden Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BowdenAnn GloverDecember 6,1986Wake, NC
Billy BowdenHarriett DavidsonJune 29,1963Wake, NC
Cary BowdenLucille DukeJanuary 17,1931Wake, NC
David BowdenElizabeth WoodardMay 15,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bowden

1241st: Silverman1242nd: Mobley
1243rd: Tyson1244th: Dunbar
1245th: Maurer1246th: Slaughter
1247th: Jorgensen1248th: Jamison
1249th: Molina1250th: Clifford

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