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Bowers is an ancient Scottish name of uncertain origin. It is likely derived from Old English "bowyer",meaning bow-maker, but it might be locational, referring to towns in Essex and Somerset, or locational/occupational and derived from Old English "bur", meaning cottage. Variations Bouer and Labur are found in 12th-century Bower family history in Herefordshire and Surrey in England, while in Wales the history dates back to a family seat (feudal home) in Peeblesshire. American Bowers genealogy begins with emigrants to Virginia in 1637. The family motto, "ad metam", means "to the mark". The coat of arms is a green shield with two bows between three sheaves of arrows.

Bowers Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Baxter Bowers-- --, 1926March 14,2007NC
B Franklin Bowers-- --, 1917November ,1980NJ
C Elizabet Bowers-- --, 1918October 27,2009OH
Dagny Bowers-- --, 1910February 6,2007MT

Bowers Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eloise Bowers-- --, 1919August 24,2001Binghamton,NY
F Lloyd Bowers-- --, 1912December ,1983Lancaster,SC
G Donald Bowers-- --, 1925March 20,1988Ellerslie,GA
Harold Bowers-- --, 1928January 3,1990Springfield,OH

Bowers Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur BowersChristine RyalsJanuary 13,1938Wake, NC
Crowell BowersJane PickardMarch 10,1979Wake, NC
Frank BowersFonda MynhierJanuary 23,1961Wake, NC
Grayson BowersConstance WinebrennerJune 29,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bowers

383rd: Blake384th: Reese
385th: Wise386th: McGuire
387th: Farmer388th: Walton
389th: Fernandez390th: Waters
391st: Gill392nd: Maxwell

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