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Bowles Genealogy & History

Bowles is a surname from the English as a form of Bowler, an occupational name for a maker of pots, basins, and such. In the Seine Maritime region of France, the name Bouelles appears, from the Old French Boelle meaning a paddock. The Welsh Howell plus the prefix for son of gives us some alternate spellings like Bowell, Powles, and Bolle. Bowles family history has John de Boweles as the first recording of the name in 1293 in the Fines Court Records of Huntingdonshire. Noteworthy Bowles genealogy members are lawyer and soldier Pinckney Downie Bowles, writer and playwright Jane Bowles, and horticulturalist and writer Edward Augustus Bowles.

Bowles Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bowles-- --, 1922April 25,2002VA
Babe Bowles-- --, 1933February 26,2008KY
C Robert Bowles-- --, 1924February 25,2006NY
D Barclay Bowles-- --, 1923July 17,2004IL

Bowles Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Vivian Bowles-- --, 1921November 4,2006Orfordville,WI
F Douglas Bowles-- --, 1923March 14,2004Wolfeboro,NH
Gabe Bowles-- --, 1894June ,1972Attica,IN
H Garland Bowles-- --, 1913June ,1985Henrico,VA

Bowles Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles BowlesSheila StallingsJune 23,2001Harris, TX
David BowlesTerena HancockMarch 29,1980Wake, NC
Eric BowlesWanda ShurnsMay 13,1999Wake, NC
Fred BowlesLisa SchmidApril 20,2002Denton, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bowles

1260th: Voss1261st: Akers
1262nd: Shah1263rd: Daley
1264th: Bower1265th: Smart
1266th: Eldridge1267th: Hoyt
1268th: Kruse1269th: Draper

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