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Boyer Genealogy & History

Boyer is an ancient occupational English name, derived from Old English "boga", meaning bow, and from "bugar", meaning to bend. In medieval times, bowmaking and bow-selling were important occupations. Boyer family history includes a family seat (feudal manor) in Buckinghamshire prior to 1066. A second possible origin is a derivation from the Celtic tribe of Boii from the Iron Age. American Boyer genealogy traces back to Virginia in 1628. The Boyer motto is "contentment passe richesse", meaning "contentment surpasses riches". The coat of arms is a silver shield with a blue bend and a red border, signifying military fortitude and loyalty.

Boyer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Blanchar Boyer-- --, 1916June 1,2003NM
B Adelaide Boyer-- --, 1918September 13,2003PA
C Douglas Boyer-- --, 1922January ,1987MD
D Wade Boyer-- --, 1929September 20,1998PA

Boyer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carolyn Boyer-- --, 1924April 19,2001Orlando,FL
F Austin Boyer-- --, 1931January 24,1995Red Lodge,MT
G Althea Boyer-- --, 1918September 14,2002Butler,PA
H Daniel Boyer-- --, 1919January 20,1994Saint Petersburg,FL

Boyer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur BoyerSylvia DysonApril 28,1967Wake, NC
Dennis BoyerRegina LongMarch 17,1994Wake, NC
Edward BoyerWilma MountJanuary 11,1938Wake, NC
George BoyerCheri HoltDecember 3,1999Wake, NC

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510th: Stokes511th: Davenport
512th: Gates513th: Roy
514th: Wilkins515th: Clayton
516th: Collier517th: McKenzie

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