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Boyle Genealogy & History

Boyle is an ancient patronymic Irish name, derived from early Gaelic "Baoighill" meaning rash one. Spelling variations include Baoghal, Baole, Boghill, Boyall, and O'Boyle. First found in Donegal, the O'Boyles were descended from Irish King Maoldun Baoghal (circa 900s), with Richard Boyle (1566-1643) the first Earl of Cork and Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Boyle genealogy also has a Scottish branch descended from the de Boyvilles, Anglo-Norman knights; Patrick Boyle, 10th Earl of Glasgow, still resides at Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire. In American Boyle family history, the first emigrant arrived in Virginia in 1622. The Boyle motto, "Dominus providebit", means "the Lord will provide".

Boyle Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Muriel Boyle-- --, 1916March ,1985PA
B Irvn Boyle-- --, 1912November 3,2008NC
Cadence Boyle-- --, 1941March 3,2010OR
D Rajeania Boyle-- --, 1931September ,1987TX

Boyle Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dorothy Boyle-- --, 1924March 29,2010Modesto,CA
Faith Boyle-- --, 1926November ,1987Tresckow,PA
G Marion Boyle-- --, 1922December ,1984Yale,OK
H Nadine Boyle-- --, 1917August ,1984Belle Plaine,KS

Boyle Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles BoyleKikiyo BardenDecember 27,1950Wake, NC
Gregory BoyleElayne WertzMay 29,1969Wake, NC
John BoyleAbbie CurrieSeptember 6,1945Wake, NC
Terrence BoyleDebra EllisMay 6,1972Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Boyle

633rd: Sloan634th: Leach
635th: Pitts636th: McMahon
637th: Henson638th: Weeks
639th: Flowers640th: Gillespie
641st: Buckley642nd: Roach

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