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Brandt is a patronymic German name derived from the Middle Ages given name "Brando", as is the name Braun; "brand" means sword, and Brandt was used as a nickname meaning hot-headed. Brandt family history traces back to Bavaria and Saxony, where it can be spelled Braendt, Brandis, Braun, Brannde, Brandtte, Brendde, or Brent. In England, many locations derive from brant or brand, such as Branston, since Brand is a common old Norse name as well. The first English record is for Brant in 1086. Brandt genealogy in America begins in 1673 in Maryland, although the Brent variation is found in New York in 1642.

Brandt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Carmen Brandt-- --, 1927January 28,1995IL
Baldwin Brandt-- --, 1909September ,1977MN
C Henry Brandt-- --, 1942June 27,1992CO
Daisy Brandt-- --, 1907May ,1973PA

Brandt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Fern Brandt-- --, 1932February 2,2002Chewelah,WA
F Lawrence Brandt-- --, 1939January 9,1989East Kingston,NH
G Allen Brandt-- --, 1919November 5,2003Sodus,NY
H Louise Brandt-- --, 1923December 17,2004Martell,NE

Brandt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred BrandtSandra JonesAugust 13,1977Wake, NC
Dennis BrandtSandra HarrisonJune 12,1976Wake, NC
James BrandtMarilyn UpchurchDecember 17,1972Wake, NC
Hugh BrandtLinda MartinMay 31,2005Matagorda, TX

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651st: Glass652nd: Hebert
653rd: Gentry654th: Winters
655th: O'Neal656th: Case
657th: Blackwell658th: Huber

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