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Branham Genealogy & History

Branham family history dates to 11th-century Ireland in Kilkenny, with a name derivation from the Gaelic braon, meaning sorrow. Alternatively, English variations may derive from the town Bramham in West Yorkshire, derived from Old English brom, meaning broom, and ham/hamm, meaning homestead/meadow, or from the town Brantham in Suffolk, derived from the Old English personal name Branta. Ancient names have more spelling variations; those in Branham genealogy include Branan, Brannin, Brannon, Brennan, Brennyn, MacBrennan, McBrennan, and O´┐ŻBraondin. The Branham coat of arms features two gold lions with three crossed swords, indicating fierce courage. The first Branham immigrant arrived in Maryland in 1813, with Brennan immigration as early as 1731.

Branham Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Branham-- --, 1921April 6,1998SC
Bal Branham-- --, 1889May ,1972KY
C L Jack Branham-- --, 1928September 30,2005WV
Daisey Branham-- --, 1905November ,1986SC

Branham Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eara Branham-- --, 1908August 21,1994Decatur,TN
Fannie Branham-- --, 1906October ,1988Metter,GA
Gail Branham-- --, 1936May 31,2007Clover,SC
Hallie Branham-- --, 1882January ,1967Evansville,IN

Branham Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brent BranhamJamie ConwayJuly 21,2007Wake, NC
David BranhamHillary BertheauJuly 29,2000Brazoria, TX
Edgar BranhamGeorgia OdomOctober 19,2000Somervell, TX
George BranhamMary CainNovember 30,2000Bastrop, TX

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