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Brenner Genealogy & History

Brenner stems from the Middle High German word brennen, meaning to burn. It is an occupational name for someone who could have done any of the following; a person who did controlled burning in the forest, someone who burned charcoal or lime, and (usually) someone who distilled spirits. Some of the different ways to spell it are Bremner, Brimmer, and Brymner. Brenner family history has John Brenner as the first to migrate to America in 1666; he settled in Virginia. Noteworthy Brenner genealogy members are sculptor and Lincoln wheat ears cent designer Victor David Brenner, Rabbi Reeve Robert Brenner, and cartoonist George Brenner.

Brenner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jeanne Brenner-- --, 1930September 9,2000IL
Bano Brenner-- --, 1921October 6,1995WA
C Betty Brenner-- --, 1913January 25,1990PA
Daisy Brenner-- --, 1877December 15,1969IL

Brenner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Brenner-- --, 1920April ,1978Dearborn,MI
F Marilyn Brenner-- --, 1927August ,1984Leesport,PA
G Carol Brenner-- --, 1928August 1,2002San Antonio,TX
Hadassah Brenner-- --, 1920July 14,1998Flushing,NY

Brenner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian BrennerCheryl LynchJune 3,1995Wake, NC
Charles BrennerFlorence ClevelandAugust 12,1967Wake, NC
Geoffrey BrennerEmily KingSeptember 19,2000Denton, TX
William BrennerBobbie BullardSeptember 4,1954Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Brenner

1510th: Hanley1511th: Keating
1512th: Eckert1513th: Huggins
1514th: Story1515th: Ayala
1516th: Hathaway1517th: Mansfield
1518th: Jarrett1519th: Gerber

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