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Brewer is an Anglo-Saxon occupational name for a brewer of beer or ale, derived from Old English "breowan." It is possible that Brewer genealogy includes people with the name Brewster, as the medieval suffix "-ster" meant feminine in Medieval times. The Brewers had a family seat (feudal manor) in Devonshire in southwest England since ancient times. A second derivation is locational from the Old French "bruyere", meaning heather, such as someone from Brueria in Normandy. In Holland, the name is Brouw and in Germany it is Brauer. The earliest American immigrant in Brewer family history arrived in New England in 1620.

Brewer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Blanche Brewer-- --, 1920October 21,2009IL
B Eugene Brewer-- --, 1932January 13,1998TN
C Franklin Brewer-- --, 1924April 4,1994MS
D Francis Brewer-- --, 1921March 16,1995NC

Brewer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Elizabeth Brewer-- --, 1923July 19,2010Joplin,MO
F Arlene Brewer-- --, 1924November 24,2007Senath,MO
G Fabian Brewer-- --, 1915June 15,1990Chicago,IL
H Ford Brewer-- --, 1920April 20,2005Groveland,MA

Brewer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daryl BrewerShirley LeeJune 8,1958Wake, NC
Elmer BrewerCleo JonesOctober 15,1942Wake, NC
Thomas BrewerHazel HallApril 28,1943Wake, NC
Lewis BrewerHelen StokesApril 28,1945Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Brewer

249th: McCoy250th: Leonard
251st: Hopkins252nd: Sims
253rd: McCarthy254th: Lucas
255th: Craig256th: Gonzales
257th: Lambert258th: Barnett

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