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Brower Genealogy & History

Brower family history notes that this name has many spelling variations, among which are Brewer, Bruer, Bruyere, Brewyer, Breuer, and Brower. The name is first found in Devonshire. The name stems either from Old English breowan (to brew), meaning a brewer, or from Old French bruyere (heather), meaning someone who lived where heather grew. The first recorded spelling was Ralph de Brueria, in the Domesday Book of Devonshire in 1088; John and Marie Brewer came to Boston in 1632. Members of the Brower genealogy include American environmentalist David R. Brower; 13th Prime Minister of Canada Edna Brower; and major league baseball pitcher Jim Brower.

Brower Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Brower-- --, 1962February 13,1994TX
B Alan Brower-- --, 1920August ,1992IA
C Robert Brower-- --, 1916June 22,2002NY
D Norman Brower-- --, 1917October 15,1987NC

Brower Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ealm Brower-- --, 1910January ,1988Jacksonville,FL
Fannie Brower-- --, 1885October ,1977Perry,OK
Gabriel Brower-- --, 1910April 17,1997Holland,MI
H Marie Brower-- --, 1920March 8,2007East Lansing,MI

Brower Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aldred BrowerBessie CrouseJuly 28,1932Wake, NC
Bryan BrowerCynthia MooneyhamJuly 14,1973Wake, NC
Charles BrowerRosanna RochaNovember 3,2001Bexar, TX
Frank BrowerDorthea SchuetyOctober 16,2000M Clennan, TX

Most Common Surnames After Brower

1949th: Oswald1950th: Prather
1951st: Lozano1952nd: Seaman
1953rd: Mahan1954th: Triplett
1955th: Ireland1956th: Flint
1957th: Burnette1958th: Tilley

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