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Browne Genealogy & History

Browne is an English surname, from the Old English, Norse, and Old German brun, meaning brown. It was used for people with brown hair or skin, particularly for those of nationalities that tended to have that, or people wearing brown clothing, such as a monk or friar, who were often required to wear brown robes. Browne family history begins with William le Brun, added to the Northumberland county pipe rolls in 1169. Browne genealogy counts among its ranks a few famous people, such as Browne cartoonist family Dik and Chance Browne, Russian field marshal and Livonia Governor George Browne, and Confederate Secretary of State and General William Browne.

Browne Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Page Browne-- --, 1932October 1,2005MA
B Carol Browne-- --, 1929April 5,1998KY
C Dean Browne-- --, 1922August 20,2004OH
D G Ford Browne-- --, 1901May ,1975OH

Browne Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Broadus Browne-- --, 1917January ,1987Athens,GA
Fae Browne-- --, 1906May 15,1993Lake Wales,FL
G Chalmers Browne-- --, 1915September 28,1987Wooster,OH
H Monroe Browne-- --, 1917June 13,2006Wheatland,CA

Browne Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon BrowneAmy DiehmDecember 18,2004Harris, TX
Douglas BrowneEmily ElmoreMay 25,2003Wake, NC
Edmund BrowneBarbara SalterJuly 5,1941Wake, NC
Herbert BrowneAnnie HightJune 24,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Browne

1292nd: Lott1293rd: Godwin
1294th: Phipps1295th: Pham
1296th: Willard1297th: Yarbrough
1298th: Chung1299th: Ferris
1300th: Koehler1301st: Franco

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