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Brunner Genealogy & History

Brunner is a French and German name, originally describing someone who lived near a spring/well, from the Middle High German brunne. Alternatively, it could derive from brunnen, meaning little brown, perhaps an ethic nickname for a Latin or Celt. Some of the earliest records in Brunner family history are found in Languedoc in medieval France, and the coat of arms featuring a castle, two stars and a crescent indicates a family of wealth and prestige. Spelling variations in Brunner genealogy include de Brunay, de Brunet, Brunais, Brunay, Brunn, Brunnenmann, Brunney, and Brune, with the first American immigrant Jean Brunet in Louisiana in 1719.

Brunner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Fred Brunner-- --, 1927July 4,1998PA
Babette Brunner-- --, 1906April ,1993NY
Caecilia Brunner-- --, 1894April ,1977MO
Daisy Brunner-- --, 1916May ,1994NY

Brunner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earel Brunner-- --, 1892March ,1987Ada,OK
F Charles Brunner-- --, 1927November 27,2009Port Mansfield,TX
Gabriel Brunner-- --, 1899September ,1974Sandusky,OH
H Richard Brunner-- --, 1921April 15,1999Newark,DE

Brunner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David BrunnerJanice TheimAugust 7,1976Wake, NC
Thomas BrunnerDenise BastianelloMay 6,1978Wake, NC
Mark BrunnerDeborah WilliamsNovember 28,1981Wake, NC
Robert BrunnerSusan PughAugust 7,1983Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Brunner

1786th: Lucero1787th: Bagley
1788th: Wesley1789th: Faust
1790th: Stacy1791st: Comer
1792nd: Gale1793rd: Talbot
1794th: Hanks1795th: Waggoner

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