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Bryson Genealogy & History

Bryson is a Welsh patronymic surname, from the Welsh given name Brice, a diminutive of Rhys, meaning rashness. It may also come from the Gaelic O'Briosain, a variant of O'Muirgheasain, both of which are also patronymics. Muirgheasain is likely a nickname for an energetic sailor, as muir is Gaelic for sea and gus means vigor; it comes into English as Morrissey. Bryson family history starts with John Briceson, who was added to the Subsidy Rolls of Cumberland in 1332. Bryson genealogy lays claim to many interesting people, such as travel writer Bill Bryson, Tennessee politician Jim Bryson, and singer-songwriter Peabo Bryson.

Bryson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Bryson-- --, 1899December ,1966KS
Barbara Bryson-- --, 1908June ,1995MI
Callie Bryson-- --, 1919April 3,2009NC
Daisy Bryson-- --, 1937October ,1986GA

Bryson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dean Bryson-- --, 1936March 14,1992Denver,CO
F Wayne Bryson-- --, 1916September 5,1987Mexico,MO
Gail Bryson-- --, 1960January 8,1999Melvindale,MI
Haddassa Bryson-- --, 1918November 15,2006Philadelphia,PA

Bryson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron BrysonCourtney RegisterMay 3,2008Wake, NC
David BrysonAbigail OdenealAugust 3,1985Wake, NC
John BrysonKathleen YatesJune 2,1932Wake, NC
Philip BrysonCarol TurnerJune 28,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Bryson

1725th: Ledford1726th: Helm
1727th: Hamlin1728th: Keen
1729th: Gary1730th: Fountain
1731st: Denny1732nd: McNally
1733rd: Stearns1734th: Cantu

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