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Buckner Genealogy & History

Buckner may stem from the pre-seventh-century Old English bucca or bucc, meaning a male goat or deer. This surname might have been a nickname for a person with some goatlike or deerlike qualities such as strength, agility, and speed. Some spellings are Bucke, Buckman, Bucknor, Buchenau, and Bochner. Buckner family history first came to America with John Buckner in 1667 to Virginia. The first known record of the surname comes with Godwig se Bucca in 1055 in the Old English Byname Register in Sommerset County. Noteworthy Buckner genealogy members are first baseman William Joseph Buckner, science fiction author M. M. Buckner, and actress Susan Buckner.

Buckner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A C Buckner-- --, 1931December 13,2005AL
Bail Buckner-- --, 1915June ,1985TN
C Louise Buckner-- --, 1923October 29,2002CA
Daisy Buckner-- --, 1889October ,1975IN

Buckner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eileen Buckner-- --, 1926April 28,1988Blue Mound,IL
Fairy Buckner-- --, 1912November 16,2005Duncan,AZ
Gabrile Buckner-- --, 1904October ,1986Nashville,TN
H Doris Buckner-- --, 1922March 12,2010Siler City,NC

Buckner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan BucknerDonna TiptonJune 10,2000Tyler, TX
Bradley BucknerLeah BinghamApril 8,1979Wake, NC
Douglas BucknerElsie BunnMarch 20,1964Wake, NC
Lawrence BucknerKaren FuchsJanuary 7,1978Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Buckner

1343rd: Cornell1344th: Snell
1345th: Bullard1346th: Adler
1347th: Poe1348th: Schaffer
1349th: Covington1350th: Peacock
1351st: Miner1352nd: Avila

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