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Bull Genealogy & History

Bull is an English surname, from the Old English bula or Middle English bule, both meaning bull, usually given to people who were immensely strong or possibly stubborn. It may also have been occupational for people who raised bulls or habitational for those living or working somewhere marked with the sign of the bull. Bull family history begins in 1170, when Wulfwin Bule was registered in the Pipe Rolls of Hampshire. Bull genealogy includes colonial Rhode Island governor Henry Bull and astronaut John Bull.

Bull Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Maye Bull-- --, 1901October 15,1994NY
B June Bull-- --, 1940January 31,2006TN
Callan Bull-- --, 1914April 21,1993LA
D Herrbert Bull-- --, 1911November 26,2000NY

Bull Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gerald Bull-- --, 1914February 24,1998Palo,IA
Fannie Bull-- --, 1904April 10,1992Orangeburg,SC
G Douglas Bull-- --, 1912October 4,1993Midvale,UT
H Culver Bull-- --, 1929August 22,1999Amenia,NY

Bull Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam BullChristina BrassardAugust 10,2007Wake, NC
Brian BullMonica HaleJuly 22,2000Dallas, TX
Douglas BullTera BarrOctober 27,2000Bell, TX
Leonard BullAngela OxenderOctober 7,2006Wake, NC

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2432nd: Loyd2433rd: Reiter
2434th: Jacques2435th: Nesbitt
2436th: Schweitzer2437th: Galvan
2438th: Galvin2439th: Bigelow

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