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Burk Genealogy & History

Burk is an English topographical surname from the Old English burh or Anglo-Saxon burg, both meaning fortress. It was used for people who lived near or possibly owned said fortress, particularly on hills, which were a popular spot for defensive fortifications. It may also be locational from the villages of Burgh in Suffolk and Lincolnshire. Burk family history starts in 1086, when Ailricus de Burc was noted in the Domesday Book of Suffolk. Some notable members of Burk genealogy are biochemist and biotin co-discoverer Dean Burk, Eagles quarterback Adrian Burk, and political psychologist and Council of Women�s Organizations Chair Martha Burk.

Burk Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Josephin Burk-- --, 1918May 19,2007CT
B Verda Burk-- --, 1918August ,1989IA
C Fred Burk-- --, 1932October ,1986IA
Dahl Burk-- --, 1922October ,1986AZ

Burk Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Burk-- --, 1921March 3,1999Dunedin,FL
Fairy Burk-- --, 1918February 25,1999Leander,TX
Gabriel Burk-- --, 1931September 21,1988Providence,RI
Hal Burk-- --, 1903July ,1979Seymour,TN

Burk Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charlie BurkJerline BranchJune 4,1979Wake, NC
Eugene BurkConnie FrazierOctober 22,1945Wake, NC
Ryan BurkJennifer GuttuMay 8,2004Wake, NC
Vernon BurkVelma ShipmanMarch 26,1967Gregg, TX

Most Common Surnames After Burk

1867th: Thurston1868th: Luke
1869th: Jeffers1870th: Bruner
1871st: Moeller1872nd: Malloy
1873rd: Nagy1874th: Paris
1875th: Milton1876th: Kearns

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