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Burks Genealogy & History

Burks is an English and Irish surname with several spelling variations. It is a topographical and locational surname from the Old English burh and Anglo-Saxon burg, meaning a fortress or walled settlement. It was likely used to indicate people who lived by those forts, particularly those on hills, or people who lived close to towns named for the fortifications. Burks family history begins with Ailricus de Burc, added to the Domesday Book of Suffolk in 1086. Some famous members of Burks genealogy are assassinated Tennessee State Senator Tommy Burks and his widow and successor Charlotte Burks, ENIAC co-developer Arthur Burks, and widely-traveled outfielder Ellis Burks.

Burks Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abigail Burks-- --, 1952September 29,2008OK
B Browning Burks-- --, 1932October 30,2005VA
Caledonia Burks-- --, 1868August 15,1968TX
Daisie Burks-- --, 1898June ,1977MS

Burks Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charline Burks-- --, 1928July 30,1999Reynoldsburg,OH
Fanetta Burks-- --, 1934August 23,1997Greeley,CO
Gaines Burks-- --, 1888January ,1977Lawrenceburg,TN
H Lee Burks-- --, 1913September 10,2001Temecula,CA

Burks Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony BurksTami PhillipsMay 4,2006Wake, NC
Larry BurksTammy TingenAugust 24,1979Wake, NC
Patrick BurksLaurie PieskeApril 29,1988Wake, NC
John BurksBarbara MalloyMay 18,1991Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Burks

1373rd: Keenan1374th: Edmonds
1375th: Sheets1376th: Biggs
1377th: Kraus1378th: Putnam
1379th: Boucher1380th: Crocker
1381st: Whaley1382nd: Simms

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